MINT | Canva Pro Instagram® Post Template Suite


The Template Suites are designed to make your life easier! They keep your social feeds consistent and branded, while being easy to plug-and-play in CANVA PRO. You’ll find templates for all sorts of posts in this suite, from quotes, to before-and-afters, to image-centric designs. It even includes custom designed messenger-placeholder posts, where you can highlight conversations with your clients!

This suite includes:

  • 40 Templates, 1080×1080 px, perfect for use in Instagram® and Facebook®
  • A PDF guide with use tips

*Only editable in Canva Pro, components inaccessible in free Canva accounts.

Square templates are brilliant, because you can use them to create consistency on SO many platforms! They're perfect for Instagram, but can also be used on Facebook® (and even Linkedin and Pinterest if you're feeling feisty!)

  • Includes 40 ready-to-use Canva Pro editable templates
  • PDF guide with a few tips for using your templates



  • Make sure you have a Canva Pro account; THIS TEMPLATE WILL NOT WORK IN FREE ACCOUNTS
  • Download the PDF, and click the "access" link on page 3.
  • Create a COPY of the template in Canva, so that your edits exist within your own account!
    • If you skip this step, I will end up overwriting your changes when I make updates to the templates overall. This is a Canva hiccup... If I had a better work-around I would share it!
  • Replace the images and text within the templates with your own! I've added placeholder images and copy, but that's a big part of making these your own.
  • If you have a Canva Pro account, you can schedule your post right there in the Desktop/web app!
  • I recommend using Canva in your browser or through the desktop app instead of Canva mobile, as mobile makes it much more difficult to manipulate design components.

Digital Products are non-refundable, as following purchase download is made immediately available. 

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