the embodied brand®

Your branding should reflect an embodiment of who you are, and what you do

We define your Embodied Brand®.


There are so, so many online business owners who see their branding as the pretty things. Your logo, your color palette – the design of your web pages.

But that’s not what I’m talking about when I say the word “brand”. Your brand is an embodiment. It’s a visual representation of who you’re BEING in your business – what you stand for, how you apply those values to your work, and how you do what you do.

It’s much, much bigger than just the pretty stuff.

Throughout my client process, our goal is to define your Embodied Brand. We start by rooting through those values I mentioned, honing in on your ideal clients, and targeting your visual identity to their preferences.

Meaning? You end the process with a brand you can *be*. A brand you can embody. A brand you’re absolutely, no questions asked, proud to represent your business with online.

You end our process with your Embodied Brand.


Getting Support

Sometimes the best decision you can make for your business, and your brand, is allowing yourself to be supported in your efforts – a little guidance can go a LONG way! Even if you’re not ready to have someone external come in and redefine your branding for you, there may be ways I can help.

There are a couple of popular ways to move forward, to make sure that you’re comfortable with your options and tools – but, if you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out! I love answering people’s questions, and helping them figure out whether I’m the best pro to help you bring your Mentality into a space that will allow your business to grow.


A Commitment to Growth

This program is designed for those who are looking for ongoing guidance, set up in three month packages. Through those three months, we work through a set of modules customized to YOUR needs, and your business, through unlimited DM support, and weekly calls! 



Back Pocket Badass

Direct Messaging Based Support

This program is designed for those who are looking for ongoing guidance, set up in three month packages. Through those three months, we work through a set of modules customized to YOUR needs, and your business.




A Single Meeting

Brand evaluations are designed for the DIY professional who plans to create their brand on their own, or who already has a brand but is trying to determine why it may not be working for them. 




  • 15 minutes of Brand explanation: I will take a bit of time previous to the meeting to evaluate the materials you already have, or look over your business proposal, but these 15 minutes are generally used for your explanation of what you do, and why you do it. 
  • ~30 minutes of Recommendations: After your explanation, I’ll do a deep dive into some of the steps you can take to increase your visibility, tailor your components to your audience, or make other changes that I feel would be beneficial to your brand overall. These recommendations are different for everyone – so no one ever knows what kind of information they’ll walk away with! 
  • ~15-25 minutes of Q&A: After I explain… I don’t want to leave you hanging. After about 30 minutes of explaining, we use the remaining time in your meeting to address questions that popped up for you throughout the process. Have a more in depth question about something specific I recommended? Let me know and I’ll get into some more details for you!
  • We can optionally use a platform that allows you to keep a recording of our meeting for your reference later!
  • You’ll be provided with any notes I take before, during, or after our meeting regarding your materials – they may help point you in the right direction!



Branding Design

Your brand should create an ecosystem for your work, no matter what you do. Your business should settle into the expanse of your branding - naturally, like magic. Making client conversion, EASY.



Your website should be a lead generation powerhouse. Your ideal clients? They should feel at home there. This is where we put your brand to work for you.


Information about 1:1 support

Sometimes accountability is key, and having someone over your shoulder, making sure you're taking the steps you need to take is what makes the difference!