Small Business Branding & Logo Development


Rooting your BRAND in your IDENTITY…


Intentional branding is POWERFUL. It attracts the clients you want, communicates clearly to your audience, and flows naturally from your identity as a business. Everything from your logo to the colors you use says something about what you bring to the table – and you want that to accurately and genuinely represent your customers’ experiences.

At Pixel & Ink, our priority is distilling your business down to its core, and finding out why you started in the first place.

That’s what we share with your customers – through engaging, memorable, unique content that’s just for you. 



I offer three packages exclusively for branding – the CRYSTAL, JADE, and EMERALD packages. You can see the details below! The Jade package is the most popular, especially for photographers and creatives.

But… I love coloring outside the lines. I would be more than happy to design a custom package for you. If that sounds more your speed, just reach out!

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