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3 Reasons to Choose a Colour Palette for your Business

by | Jun 17, 2020 | 0 comments

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Getting started on Pinterest for Business

3 Reasons to Choose a Colour Palette for your Business

Raise your hand if you feel like choosing a colour palette is limiting as hell. 🤚

What if I told you, NOT choosing is actually the limitation, and CHOOSING will give you MORE freedom in your content?


Sounds backwards, right?

If I had a tenner for every time I heard the sentence “But I just like ALL the colours” I would not be a business owner, I would be a billionaire, and I wouldn’t be here writing this I would be drinking a mai thai on the beach.


  1. Your branding is not for you. Maybe you like all the colours. But that doesn’t mean that your clients are ATTRACTED to all the colours. What does this mean? Not choosing LIMITS your ability to attract clients.
  2. Creating graphics takes time. You know what takes MORE time? Starting from SCRATCH every single time you get on canva, because you don’t have a starting point. What does this mean? Choosing colours gives you MORE time back in your day because creating content is FASTER.
  3. Attracting the right clients means higher conversion rates. That’s right – an aligned colour palette, that is designed to BRING IN your ideal clients? It’s going to mean that more of your meetings convert. SO… choosing colours means fewer meetings with unaligned clients who you spin your wheels with.

So: final takeaway?🌈

Choosing a solid, aligned, clear colour palette actually gives you MORE FREEDOM than allowing your content to be created from a new starting point every single time.

And I don’t know about you – but if I get to choose between more aligned clients, and less aligned clients, I will always choose more aligned ones.

If I get to choose between having MORE extra time, or less extra time… I will always choose more extra time.

And if I get to choose between a higher conversion rate, or a lower one… well, I think you get it.

Don’t know where to START? 


Building a colour palette requires DEEP WORK into who your ideal client is, what your USPs are, and the values behind your work. That being said, if you’re not ready to take those steps and look into the deep STUFF behind your work, then no worries! 

Everyone starts somewhere, and sometimes, the hardest part is just starting! 

So – if you’re looking to select a colour palette fofr your business, a great starting point is, which will help suggest matching colours for you based upon some basic starting points you set. 

If you’re more into the HEY I NEED SOMEONE TO DO THIS FOR ME kind of vibe, then GET IN TOUCH! I would love to help you on the path to aligned branding for your business. 

Hey hey, I’m Gabrielle! But you can call me Brie.

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