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Show Up Simply: Staying Consistent on Social Media

by | Mar 7, 2022 | 0 comments

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✦ Keeping your Social Media Consistent ✦

Growing a following for your business takes a lot – but what it takes the most of, is consistency.

You absolutely have to be consistent in your content. And I don’t just mean posting regularly – we’ll talk about that too. But what I mean most of all, is consistency WITHIN your content, to establish your business as a leader within your niche, and attract your ideal clients.

No one can buy from you if they don’t know what you do, and it doesn’t get in front of them to see it.

This short guide covers a few of my own favorite consistency short-cuts, that help me manage my own multi-platform presence with ease!


1. Follow a schedule

I know, I know. Schedules feel limiting. Schedules feel closed off. They feel like masculine strategy as opposed to feminine flow. But, schedules are incredibly important to maintaining a consistent presence for your business.

If you don’t show up, your people won’t know what you’re offering. And if you don’t show up *regularly,* they won’t *remember* what you’re offering.

So pick a schedule, and stick to it. If that means IG posts go up twice a week and your Facebook business page gets one bangin post every Saturday… that’s FINE. It’s consistent, it keeps you accountable, and it makes sure your content gets in front of your potential clients.



Literally set it up in your calendar – give yourself reminders if you have to!


Batch your Content

Those of you who follow me, know that batching is my jam. I personally hop into Canva to batch my content a couple times a month, and it has me set up far in advance so that I don’t have to worry if I need to take a day off. The world will not grind to a halt because I got the sniffles. It’s great!

This also allows me to better leverage the next item on this list, because without being prepared, it’s a super difficult one to do well.



Sit. Down. And. Do. It.

I wish I had something mind blowing for you here. The closest I can get is telling you to start small! Start with a week of content the first time, then two weeks, then work up to a month. By then, you’ll be an absolute expert, and have a workflow sorted out for yourself, too!


Outsource What You Hate Doing

You know those tasks you procrastinate, and you just can’t seem to get them done? No matter what, you’re like, “I’ll do it next week” and next week comes around… and… nothing?

If that’s posting to IG, hire a social media manager.

If that’s designing your IG posts, hire a designer, or purchase templates.

If that’s writing your copy, hire a copywriter to get that shit done.

If you’re struggling to be consistent because of something that isn’t in your zone of genius… bring someone on board who would love to take care of those things for you! It’ll mean shit gets done, and you can move forward.



Evaluate why you’re not achieving the consistency you want to right now. Is it because you don’t have time? Because you hate making Instagram posts? Because writing a caption takes you hours?

Drill down to what’s stopping you, and solve. That. Problem.


Use Templates!

When I say templates, I don’t even necessarily mean mass produced template sets from Creative Market (though some stuff over there is the bomb dot com – did you know I sell there?). Using templates can mean YOU create templates for YOURSELF that you implement on your presence.

But creating a set of them will do several things for your business. First, it’ll ensure that you’re visually following the same set of rules on all of your content. This is massively important for brand recognition! Second, it’ll speed up batching, and also outsourcing. If you’ve got templates to use, you can just pop your content in there, and go. OR, you can hand your assistant your templates, and they can handle it from there.

Third, using templates means you can plan ahead in your batching. We all know that (especially on Instagram©) the aesthetic of your profile overall plays a role in lead acquisition. And when you’re creating posts on the fly, it’s much more difficult to keep these cohesive and effective. If you’re using templates, especially while batching, it means you can easily project the look and feel of your profile to ensure that your above the fold content is always *chefs kiss*.



Go make ‘em! Or buy them. Or stalk creators on Pinterest until you find someone who’s template sets you LOVE. Doing the work to get these set up for you will ensure that you have the tools to make consistency EASY, and showing up SIMPLE.


Stick to your Brand Standards!

It’s so, so, so tempting to change all the things. To switch your fonts. Play with your colour palette.

And there’s nothing wrong with playing! But if you’re going to post it on your business presence, ensure that whatever it is follows your brand standards.

Your color palette, font selections, and overall tone need to appeal to your ideal clients. They need to know from the moment they see your content, that it’s for them. And they need to recognize that it comes from you.

So in order to do that… you’ve got to stick with one mood long enough to make an impression. Now, that impression can be colourful and loud and lovely – if that’s your vibe. You can use all the rainbows and sparkles and unicorn farts, if that’s what your clients love.

But ensure that you’re aligning with a client-focused tone overall, and creating a body of work with your social content. We want it to be recognizable, and gorgeous, and most of all: we want it to do work for you.

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Hey hey, I’m Gabrielle! But you can call me Brie.

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