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My 50 Favourite FLORAL ELEMENT Sets on Canva

by | Jun 29, 2022 | 0 comments

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✦ 50 Canva Search Terms for Floral Element Sets ✦

Finding matching element sets to use on Canva Pro has a knack to it! And I know better than most how many hours you can spend pulling elements together to use for a specific brand or design in the platform. One of the things I do for myself is keep track of Set IDs!


Using Set IDs in Canva

Set IDs are relatively new to Canva at large. The system was added earlier this year, and designers like myself are now able to upload sets so that they can be viewed all at once. Obviously the best part of that for you, is that you don’t have to dig around to find elements that go together quite as much anymore.

Once you’ve found an element that. youlike, if you right click on the “…” in the top right of the element preview, you’ll be able to see whether it’s a part of a “collection”! If it is, when you view the collection, you’ll be brought to a new screen in the elements tab where you can copy the Set ID. That’s how you navigate back to the element set in the future!



I use a lot of florals in my designs, in various styles. So here, I’ve separated them into categories based on the style of the elements included, to make your life easier. Just copy and paste the ID into the Canva search, and you’ll be able to see ALL of those elements for use!

Simple Outlines

  • set:nAE67qvtniI
  • set:nAE6yIuC0ic
  • set:nAE_0tqp03c
  • set:nAFEJpFnvjY
  • set:nAE9HILK_0M
  • set:nAFAM4phWIk
  • set:nAE77qWEaZo
  • set:nAE_cHorQpY
  • set:nAE71g7YZsc
  • set:nAFBPPVxgbk
  • set:nAE-fqnDNfI
  • set:nAEcRPoAk28

Detailed Outlines

  • set:nAEouOB2il0
  • set:nAFEqzm6iHs
  • set:nAEwCz_WIZk (gold texture)
  • set:nAE84xgPfJU
  • set:nAE8L9I-Mvg (patterns)
  • set:nAFA7VmerFc (floral mandalas)
  • set:nAFB-fuNY5U
  • set:nAFD2IMdLHo
  • set:nAEvl2HtiP4

Bohemian Chunky

  • set:nAE6iUvp5Ew
  • set:nAE74ChKCVk
  • set:nAE–kDVW9E
  • set:nAFC4ywWDp4
  • set:nAFBJepd1bM
  • set:nAEc25wXQA8
  • set:nAEn5WROZo0
  • set:nAEnPoI05Yc
  • set:nAFC4ywWDp4
  • set:nAE79xt96Rk
  • set:nAE9xVREYzw

Pastel Watercolor

  • set:nAE6gOmsXDc
  • set:nAE7sLK7Fi8
  • set:nAFDyDcdhD8
  • set:nAE8z0yYWV8
  • set:nAFBFM0LJnk
  • set:nAFC_lq_Lxc
  • set:nAE-moM0_HE
  • set:nAFDac9btTg
  • set:nAFBl399Uc8
  • set:nAE8PIsX5MI
  • set:nAFDLz01szQ
  • set:nAFDNcjqy7k
  • set:nAE-T7Xa4Ek

Vibrant Watercolor

  • set:nAEouHMthww
  • set:nAEfctsQluc
  • set:nAE915bHeas
  • set:nAE-83RJbUk
  • set:nAE8gpHsSOo
  • set:nAE86e63qlU
  • set:nAFBJAO1ZbE
  • set:nAFBr_ZVQkY
  • set:nAE_y_9l96M
  • set:nAE90jpFAD4
  • set:nAE-K6zvaKc
  • set:nAFBwieGw-g
  • set:nAFAqQla2G0

These Set IDs make search easy

You can see previews of each set below, so that you know what you’re grabbing when you use it! 

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