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Your Brain is a Backpack: Choose What you Carry Carefully

by | Nov 1, 2020 | 0 comments

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You get to choose what you carry with you.


I like analogies, you guys know this by now. And today – we’re going to talk about your brain.

Which…. Is like a backpack. A magical, badass, backpack.

Follow me here – your brain carries things around for you. And it’s SUPER good at that. When we sleep at night, it organises all the things we’re carrying around and makes room for more things… that way, the next day, you can pop more things in there, and carry THOSE around. Your work deadlines go in the backpack. Your project stages go into the backpack. That argument with your best friend? It goes into the backpack.

I won’t pretend that we’re always 100% in control of what goes INTO the backpack – because sometimes, we’re simply not.

Sometimes things happen that are completely outside of our control. Sometimes the things in the backpack are based on societal standards – sometimes they’re institutionalised struggles that cause bigger problems in our lives – and I recognize that.

But… we can ALWAYS control our response to those things. To the things we’re carrying around.


We get to choose whether or not we carry something with us.


We can pull things out of our backpack, and leave them on the trail. (We’re temporarily suspending the “leave no trace” hiking rule, because… imaginary analogies.)

There are SO, SO many different things that we can have in the backpack, and some things are heavier than others. A handful of rocks, is a LOT heavier than a bundle of flowers – and I think you know where I’m going with this, right?

The more things in your backpack, the heavier it gets – and thus… the harder to carry.

As it gets heavier, and heavier… and you have an approaching deadline in the backpack, and an extra shift at your day job, and looming bills, and that rude thing so-and-so said the other day… and the thing YOU said that you think just might have been taken out of context, but you really can’t tell… your backpack gets hard to carry.

Which makes it SO, so much harder to keep going. Remember how we imagine business (and life) as a long walk in the woods, and not as a race? Well, when you’re on a long walk in the woods, the heavier your backpack is, the more you’ll struggle to keep pace on the trail. You’re going to find yourself SUPER happy when you take a big gulp of water, and that’s not in your bottle anymore. Because you have a LONG way to go, and everything in your backpack has to go with you.

And THIS, this is why I recommend journaling.


(Weird turn there, I know, but it’ll make sense, I promise!!)

Journalling is a tool I used to think was bullshit – I was one of those “it’s for angsty teenage girls” kind of people. I didn’t think I NEEDED it.

But I am the FIRST one to admit when I’m dead wrong, and… I was. Dead. Wrong.

You see, journalling and reflection is a brilliant way to be able to take things OUT of the backpack. Because once it’s on paper – once those feelings have been recorded… you can come back to them. And you know that. Which means… you don’t have to carry them with you actively anymore.

You can take them out of the backpack, and leave them on the trail. And you’ll feel LIGHTER.

Your brain is like a backpack. Choose what you carry carefully. <3

Hey hey, I’m Gabrielle! But you can call me Brie.

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