My 50 Favourite FLORAL ELEMENT Sets on Canva

✦ 50 Canva Search Terms for Floral Element Sets ✦ Finding matching element sets to use on Canva Pro has a knack to it! And I know better than most how many hours you can spend pulling elements together to use for a specific brand or design in the platform. One of the...

25+ Neutral Colour Palettes to Inspire Your Next Project

✦ 25 Neutral Colour Palettes to Inspire Your Next Project ✦ When I work on branding projects, one of the absolute first steps I take is creating the mood board for the business. The purpose of that mood board? Curating the vibe that we're going to implement across the...


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I like to share, and this is one of the places I do that. So, check back often to see if there are new insights about branding, websites, projects… or even sometimes just life (because life impacts business, as much as we like to keep them separate!)

How to Succeed After Hiring a Brand Designer

✦ How to succeed after hiring a brand designer ✦ I tell all of my clients that visual branding is like a hammer. I can hand you a hammer - a magical hammer. A hammer that will make building furniture feel like it's second nature to you. A hammer that will take no...

My Favorite Witchy Canva Element Sets 2022

✦ My favorite Witchy Canva Element Sets ✦ Finding the Canva element that's just perfect for the design you're working on is a magical moment.    Even more magical? Finding a WHOLE SET of them that match, and can be used across your branded content!! Honestly... the...

5 Questions to ask Before Hiring a Brand Designer

✦ 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Brand Designer ✦ Not to be dramatic, but: Hiring a brand designer is a massive decision for your business. My clients put an incredible amount of trust in me as a designer - and I’m always honored that they can hand the reigns over...

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