Yolandi Erasmus

When I started with Yolandi, her branding materials had a starting point. 

But we applied it to her website, and got things TOTALLY squared away!

Creating Yolandi’s web presence was so, so, SO fun!

She came to me with a brand, and a vision…

“Gabrielle has been instrumental in shaping not just my new brand, but also my new website! Which is something that took me about a year to put together [on my own]. Gabrielle took it over and she just made magic. To the point that I now get inquiries from my website weekly, and I actually have no idea how they get there.

My website is beautiful, I didn’t even have any changes for her. She has been wonderful when it comes to copy, and helping me put everything together. We are currently working on my sales team page, and if you know me, I’m not conventional, so everyone has weird names, and weird email addresses, and she’s been such a good sport, and has been an absolute dream to work with. I would recommend her ten times over! I honestly kind of want to start a new business so that she can design another website for me!”


Yolandi Erasmus

(Web Design + SEO)

Building Yolandi’s presence:

We started with the branding expansion.


Yolandi came to me with her logo already completed, and a good bit of her branding outlined as well. But there were certain components we needed to clarify – her colours, being one of them.

Once we had that done, I moved on to web magic! Honestly on this one, I like to think the before-after speaks for itself. Take a look below!








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