Jesi cason photography

Jesi came to me with her branding already done .

Our job, was to make her website as badass as her branding already was!

Working with Jesi was an absolute honor –

so here’s how we got there!

“I came to Gabrielle because, after pulling my hair out for a year to make my website into something I could be proud of, it still was not generating leads. My contact form was rarely used and my Google ranking was non-existent. Pixel & Ink solved the problem by making my website mobile friendly, improving my load times, and giving me a ton of help with things like page design and SEO keywords. I’ve booked two clients this year just from Google search results, one for $2,500 and one for $3,000 – neither would have ever found me if I hadn’t gotten help from Gabrielle!”

Jesi Cason

(Web Design + SEO)

Jesi noticed that her site wasn’t performing the way she wanted it to on Google.


So, naturally, we talked about that! I offer packages for SEO enhancement, and we were initially looking at those packages.

However, when I looked more closely at Jesi’s website, I realized three things.

  1. It was loading SUPER slowly.
  2. It needed some mobile optimization support.
  3. The content implementation was missing out on opportunities to optimize in the first place.

SEO is great – but it won’t solve all of your problems, if your pages don’t have ample opportunities for optimizable content.

In the end, Jesi decided on the Templated Web package, and the Advanced SEO package!


So our steps, looked like this!

I created a style guide using Jesi’s existing brand standards, that way we would be able to have consistency across everything we were building.

The tones we were using are intended to be (first of all) totally badass, but also showcase her unique approach to brand photography.

So I created her style guide, and we talked about it!

After that, I developed MOBILE FIRST DESIGNED page templates, with placeholder content for Jesi to collaborate with me on replacing with her final content.

One of the priorities, was rebuilding certain previously unoptimized sliders integrated into the site, so that they created more SEO potential for the pages they were housed on.

So we accomplished that next!

Then, after Jesi had put her finishing touches on the site… I ran through it one more time, and we moved on to how her SEO would be managed moving forward.


Dealing with the SEO

On top of the templated web package, Jesi also got Advanced SEO! So once the site was up and running, I did two things.

First, I went through her final copy, to make changes as needed for her chosen keywords.

Following that, I created a full blogging guide for Jesi to use for all of 2021! It’s custom to her keywords, and gives her the ability to blog for authority all year long without having to brainstorm a single topic.

And now… Jesi has a site that will grow with her, indefinitely. 


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