Fully Alive Yoga

Sherri Raderstorf, the owner of Fully Alive Yoga, approached me in 2017,

and we work together to maintain her online presence to this day!

Fully Alive takes a spiritual approach to yoga practice –

So that was the core of our brand development process.

Gabrielle Boltz has saved me!  My website was archaic, my business cards were tired,  and my social media presence was on the down-low!  Truly, Gabrielle has given me a fresh new look that has made a real difference in my image.  She is very patient and oh-so-easy to work with.  She educated me along every step as the way and gave me skills to manage those things that I wanted to have my hands on.  And she is so helpful when I get in over my head and quickly comes to the rescue.  Gabrielle Boltz makes FULLY ALIVE YOGA look good, and for that I am most grateful. I honestly would use at a loss without her expertise.  I do not hesitate recommending Gabrielle to others who want to start anew.


Sherri Raderstorf

(Branding + Web Design + Asset Design)

Fully Alive Yoga LLC Business Card Sample

Building SHERRI’s presence:

We started with her branding.

The branding for Fully Alive Yoga is rooted in calm and balance, so we opted to use tones of blue and green that feel very low key, and bring in a tone of introspection. They’re nearly monochromatic, but with enough variation to keep the presence from getting boring. 

The logo itself has been designed to imply the connection between the internal and the external, and make it clear that Fully Alive takes a unique approach to yoga practice! 

Typefaces were chosen for cohesion and clarity – it was super important to include something in a script, to lean into the flow of yoga practice, but that script needed to be highly readable (as ALL script fonts should be!) so we leaned toward Almyra, with a clean flow, and an elegant mood. 

Then of course, all of these components were worked into the Fully Alive Yoga website! It’s designed to be extremely simple to navigate, with information about the courses offered both in the studio and in the community. It has a job to do, beyond just being calming, and pretty!

In 2020/2021, we had to add another component to the web presence – an archive of video classes, that helps members of the “Fully Alive Tribe” attend classes while the world is in transition to new Covid guidelines, and now also serves the purpose of helping with at-home yoga practice, beyond just when classes can’t be held!



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