Compost Cache Valley, LLC


Compost Cache Valley, LLC knew who their audience was coming in to collaboration – they knew a couple of key things: they needed to present themselves as family focused; they needed to ensure aesthetic appeal to a wide range of ages, and they needed to optimize their local SEO to get some reach in their area immediately after launch.

They came in with ideas, and we made those a reality.




CCVs logo and submarks are designed to project cleanliness, and participation. They want to communicate with their content that anyone can help the environment using their resources.  



The mix of earthy hues and jewel toned greens and blues used in CCV’s presence is inspired by Cache Valley itself, and the gorgeous views one can find there. They’re also, though, intended to invoke feelings of trust, and a reminder of what CCV’s mission seeks to protect: Our soil, water, and air.



An online presence is VITAL to a business that primarily functions from subscription sales – CCV’s site is essentially a sales funnel. Visitors are immediately shown exactly how they can sign up, what the process is like, and how their participation will be beneficial for their local environment. And as the company grows and their offerings expand… eventually the larger community as a whole. 

The first step to NEW CLIENTS is knowing who they are.

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