Ashley Nichole Hair Design

Ashley came to me with a bit of a challenge – create a celestial brand for a stylist.

I was IMMEDIATELY on board!!

I’m always up for a challenge –

Ashley’s project was no exception.

“I knew starting my career off right was super important, so i wanted to find the ideal person for the job. Gabrielle created the perfect branding for me, she went above and beyond in taking my vision and curating it to fit my dream business. I never felt unheard and no question left unanswered. The ease of finishing was the cherry on top ! If i ever need any other branding, she will be my first stop.”

Ashley Dowd

(Branding + Social Media Design)

Ashley Came to me for a Brand:

So that’s where we started.

Initially, Ashley found me on Instagram®, because of the hashtag “#witchybranding”! If you know me, and you’ve seen some of my content on Canva, you know that witchy content is near and dear to my heart. It makes me DEEPLY happy to create content that’s celestial in mood – so when Adhley told me that’s what she was looking for, naturally I was THRILLED. 

Ashley is a hair stylist, who gravitates toward the bold, bright, and vibrant. Her clients are usually alternative in some way, and we wanted to bring that mood into the branding itself, while keeping things delicate. 

She was particularly interested in using celestial vibes because of the future name of her upcoming studio (which I’m going to keep under wraps until we finalize her content for it!) but just know that thematically it lines up with witchy, celestial, cosmic moods. 

In building her content, I started where I usually start! The mood board. She was just as happy with the content I put together as I was – which is always a magical moment for me. I used rich, deep tones, paired with light, airy golden textures to really emphasize the delicate lines of her logo. The stylists’ shear constellation was the icing on the cake for me – hours of thumbnailing and planning went into balancing it JUST right, so that it maintains the structure of shears while keeping a bit of whimsy. The fonts paired with it for her logos strike a similar balance, between bold and feminine! 


The Marketing Tools:

After finalizing her brand, it was time for Instagram® –

Once the branding itself was finalized, we had a few other components to finish! The first of these, was her Instagram suite. This included a full set of standard grid posts (square ones) as well as a set of templates for her stories! These sets are already helping her to stay consistent in her social media presence content, and make posts that her future clients are drawn to. 


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